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Helping people find the path to true happiness in Jesus.

The essence of true worship is to know God deeply, respond by treasuring and finding fulfillment in God above all else, and let that joyful satisfaction in the Divine overflow into authentic praise and loving service to others for God’s sake.

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Our Ministries



Guiding young people in their personal and spiritual growth, fostering a deeper relationship with God. It strives to equip youth to lead Christ-centered lives, applying Christian principles to all aspects of their journey.



Partnering with parents to nurture children’s spiritual growth and guide them in developing a deep, personal relationship with God. Together, we provide a supportive environment that encourages exploration of faith, biblical teaching, and application of Christian values in everyday life, preparing youth to boldly live for Christ.



We don’t give to missions. We invest in spreading the word of God and growing his kingdom.

Our Core


Faith is the cornerstone of our church. It’s part of every activity that we do, every meeting that we hold. We believe in our Lord, and that our actions are a reflection of his goodness.


We look to the Lord for guidance in our lives. In Scripture, we find all that we need to guide us in the right path. Reading and understand Scripture helps us all live meaningful lives.


Join us. We welcome each and every one of you to encounter the Lord’s unconditional love with us. Inside each of us is a purpose and meaning to be fulfilled by God.